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Monthly Archives: January 2016

By Jeanne Christie This month’s issue of the Association of State Wetland Manager’s monthly e-zine – Wetland Breaking News – included a story on “Top Trends Conservationists Should be Paying Attention to but Aren’t”.  It’s an intriguing list and there are also … Continue reading

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Life blooming in Mill Creek again By Robin Corathers – – March 3, 2015 Twenty years ago, in some inner-city stretches of Mill Creek, the only living things you could find were blood worms, sludge worms and leeches. In the … Continue reading

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Improving Tools for Quantifying the Effectiveness of Conservation By Joanna Nelson – Cool Green Science – December 4, 2015 Despite concerted efforts toward evidence-based and quantified conservation, understanding the effects and the effectiveness of conservation interventions lags far behind most … Continue reading

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By Marla J. Stelk, Policy Analyst, ASWM There are just some things in life that you either like or don’t like, with the few exceptions of course for folks who just don’t seem to have an opinion. Like mayonnaise for … Continue reading

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Female Fish Eggs Found Inside of Male Fish Testicles EcoWatch – January 12, 2016 A study published by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found large-scale evidence of intersex in smallmouth and largemouth bass in the Northeast … Continue reading

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U.S. Governors Address Water By Brett Walton – Circle of Blue – January 15, 2016 President Barack Obama did not directly mention water in the State of the Union speech on Tuesday night. References to climate change were the closest … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch, Policy Analyst If you haven’t already started planning what you are going to do in celebration of World Wetland Day (February 2, 2016), the Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) has some information and ideas that can … Continue reading

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Hot Research Topic By Lee Sausley – KRISTV.COM – December 2, 2015 – Video A groundbreaking scientific study is underway  testing the use of fire as a way to help endangered coastal habitats adapt to rising sea levels. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Marsh on the Move By Sharon Oosthoek – Hakai Magazine – December 14, 2015 Biologist Matt Whitbeck leans against the rail of a wooden platform and looks across the seemingly immutable marshlands of Maryland’s Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The waist-high … Continue reading

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By the Numbers: 589 By Catherine Krikstan – Chesapeake Bay Program – December 29, 2015 With its rough shell, gray body and big ecological value, the eastern oyster is one of the most iconic species in the Chesapeake Bay. And for … Continue reading

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