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Monthly Archives: December 2016

By Marla J. Stelk, Policy Analyst, ASWM Last week I attended the Restore America’s Estuaries/Coastal Society’s 2016 Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a sacrifice to have to leave the single digit weather in Maine in December for the … Continue reading

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An Inside Look at How Ordinary Citizens Saved Public Land By Bob Marshall –Field & Stream – The Conservationist – December 9, 2016 Buzz Hettick, a Wyoming elk hunter, asked me to relay a message to America’s sportsmen: “You’re wrong … Continue reading

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From My Lake to All Lakes: EPA’s National Lake Assessment By Sarah Lehmann – Our Planet, Our Home – December 9, 2016 Unfortunately, according to EPA’s recently published National Lakes Assessment, four out of ten lakes in the U.S. suffer … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch, Policy Analyst, ASWM The Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) has been working over the last year to increase access to high quality wetland training through a number of efforts, including the development of a series of … Continue reading

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A Step in the Right Direction for the Upper Deschutes Deschutes River Conservancy – December 7, 2016 Beginning this winter, the Deschutes River will flow at a minimum of 100 cubic feet per second (cfs) from September 16th to March … Continue reading

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How engineers see the water glass in California By Jay R. Lund – California WaterBlog – December 5, 2016 Depending on your outlook, the proverbial glass of water is either half full or half empty. Not so for engineers in … Continue reading

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By Melissa Mullineaux, Intern, ASWM Did you know that wetlands are not only important to ecosystems but also to American culture? While compiling information for my last blog Frogs, Bogs and Holiday Cheer, I found many amazing facts about wetlands’ … Continue reading

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Human Use of Restored and Naturalized Delta Landscapes By Brett Milligan and Alejo Kraus-Polk – California WaterBLog – November 20, 2016 Current legislation and plans for the California Delta call for restoring tens of thousands of acres of aquatic and … Continue reading

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Building the Next Generation of Climate Justice Leaders By Joanna Stancil – Environmental Justice in Action – September 28, 2016 – Video If the future belongs to our youth, then we must include our youth in addressing our future’s key … Continue reading

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