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Monthly Archives: February 2018

How an Alaskan Earthquake Caused Fish to Spawn in Death Valley By Matthew L. Miller – Cool Green Science – February 13, 2018 Conservationists are fond of saying that everything is connected, so fond that the idea has become a … Continue reading

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Water is Connected to Every Major Global Risk We Face By Cora Kammeyer – Pacific Institute Insights – February 2, 2018 Water crises have been among the top five global risks in each of the last seven years, according to … Continue reading

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Seaweed and Seagrass Buffer the Acidity of the Nearby Ocean By Rachel Nuwer – Hakai Magazine – February 15, 2018 Ocean acidification is already threatening marine life around the world, and conditions are only expected to worsen in the coming … Continue reading

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Outcome-based contracting is about to reach a whole new level. Here’s why. By Shannon Cunniff – Environmental Defense Fund – February 1, 2018 Even though it’s set to receive billions in settlement dollars after the 2010 Gulf oil spill, Louisiana … Continue reading

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Disaster Aid Is Part of Bi-Partisan Budget Bill By Rob Moore – NRDC – February 8, 2018 A bi-partisan budget bill includes some encouraging provisions that should improve rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Not … Continue reading

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Slinging Sediment  By Evan Lubofsky – Hakai Magazine – February 7, 2018 Seagrass meadows take up less than 0.1 percent of the world’s oceans; nevertheless, they are considered a huge carbon sink. Seagrass draws carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, … Continue reading

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 Restoring a Wetland Ocean Wise – aquablog – February 1, 2018 Leave the land better than you found it: that’s a motto to live by for Terry Halleran and his wife, Michele. Together they restored nearly eight hectares of natural wetlands, … Continue reading

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Poll Shows Nationwide Support for Feds to Boost Rebuilding Standards By Laura Lightbody – The PEW Charitable Trusts – February 1, 2018 More than 7 in 10 registered voters across the U.S. support policies that will enable communities and the nation … Continue reading

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By Marla J. Stelk, Policy Analyst, ASWM Believe it or not, February 2nd is not just a day to celebrate whether or not Punxsutawney Phil actually sees his shadow or not -a- it also happens to be World Wetlands Day. … Continue reading

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