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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Bring community voices into disaster rebuilding and infrastructure planning By Laurie Schoeman – The Hill – March 21, 2018 After wildfires and hurricanes ravaged the country last year, we saw devastating human impact, but also soon came to understand the … Continue reading

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National Flood Insurance Is Underwater Because of Outdated Science By Jen Schwartz – Scientific America – March 23, 2018 The National Flood Insurance Program, which covers some 5.2 million property holders in the U.S., was slated to get a badly … Continue reading

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After a Flood, How Do Insects and Other Invertebrates Recover? Entomology Today – March 15, 2018 After a 100-year flood struck south central Oklahoma in 2015, a study of the insects, arthropods, and other invertebrates in the area revealed striking … Continue reading

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Rebounding underwater grasses signal recovering Chesapeake Bay By Joan Smedinghoff – Chesapeake Bay Program – March 6, 2018 Underwater grasses are a critical part of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Also known as submerged aquatic vegetation or SAV, underwater grasses are … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Flood Risks Across the U.S. are Underestimated (in a Big Way) By Cara Byington – Cool Green Science – February 28, 2018 A new paper publishing today in Environmental Research Letters has some sobering news for people … Continue reading

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Senate must stop ignoring the National Flood Insurance Program  By John Huff – Washington Examiner – March 5, 2018 Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have increasingly relied on do-or-die deadlines to advance critical legislation and keep the government running. But this … Continue reading

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Northam Must Act to Protect Clean Water from Pipelines By Amy Mall – NRDC – February 26, 2018 A new report issued today, prepared by experts in water quality on behalf of NRDC, outlines the severe threats to clean water … Continue reading

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Incredible images of Los Angeles when it was covered in wetlands By Leanna Garrfield – Business Insider – March 3, 2018 Before Los Angeles became the center of the film industry, it was covered in wetlands and farmland. The Southern … Continue reading

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