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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Six Things You Should Know About the EPA’s New Science Restriction Draft Policy By Gretchen Goldman – Union of Concerned Scientists – April 25, 2018 Yesterday, the EPA unveiled a long-awaited policy changing how the EPA can use science in … Continue reading

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The Importance of Wetlands: The 2018 National Wetlands Awards By Kathryn R. Campbell –  Environmental Law Institute – May 21, 2018 “These places hold the world together,” said National Wetlands Awardee Latimore M. Smith of wetlands during his award acceptance … Continue reading

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 The ghosts of nature’s past are making a comeback By Brandon Keim – Anthropocene Magazine – May 16, 2018 Alligators live in fresh water. They can handle a few hours of saltwater, maybe a day at most, but fresh is … Continue reading

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How the Blob Killed Thousands of Tiny Seabirds By Dustin Patar – Hakai Magazine – May 16, 2018 For Cassin’s auklets, robin-sized seabirds of the northeast Pacific, the winter of 2014 was a disaster. Over the course of a few … Continue reading

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 Birds’ beauty extends far beyond themselves to enhance the whole world By Kathy Reshetiloff – Bay Journal – May 11, 2018 Except for perhaps insects, birds are usually the first wild animals we encounter in our lives. Before ever going … Continue reading

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Wetland wonder: Crops, wildlife flourish on Delaware farm By Megan Lang – U.S. Department of Agriculture – May 9, 2018 If ever he wondered if his family had made the right choice by restoring a wetland at their Delaware farm, … Continue reading

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 Louisiana Moves Closer to Delivering on Coastal Restoration By Kristin Tracz – Walton Family Foundation Blog – April 19, 2018 On April 2, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Louisiana Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority (CPRA) announced an update … Continue reading

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An endangered animal thrives in a novel ecosystem By Brandon Keim – Anthropocene Magazine – May 2, 2018 In the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia are habitats unlike any found in that continent’s history: narrow strips of vegetation along roads, railways … Continue reading

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 ‘Forgotten’ Nassawango returns to its natural state By Rona Kobell – Bay Journal – April 20, 2018 We seem to be alone under the canopies of bald cypress and black gum. Hawks soar overhead. Leaves on the rose bushes rustle. … Continue reading

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There’s no “Sweet Spot” – What the Colorado River Needs is “Real Balance”  By Jeffrey Odefey – American Rivers – April 27, 2018 Over the last week, those of us who eat, sleep, and drink Colorado River issues have watched … Continue reading

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