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The White House is Working to Undermine the Endangered Species Act—Here’s How By Amanda D. Rodewald – The H ill – August 20, 2018 If you quickly scan the dozens of articles reviewing the best summer vacation spots in the U.S., … Continue reading

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Here are 10 Topics Senators Could Ask Trump’s Science Advisor Nominee to Address By Jeffrey Mervis – Science Magazine – August 21, 2018 Is Kelvin Droegemeier in sync with the science policies of President Donald Trump? That’s what members of … Continue reading

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New Defense Bill Strengthens the Military’s Flood & Energy Readiness and Saves Taxpayer Dollars—All While Addressing Climate Change By Shana Udvardy – Union of Concerned Scientists – August 7, 2018 Today, President Trump signed into law H.R. 5515, the John S. … Continue reading

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Environmental Impact Bonds Can Help Make Coastal Communities Safer, Sooner. Here’s How. By Shannon Cunniff – Environmental Defense Fund – August 14, 2018 Last year’s hurricane season was the most destructive disaster season in U.S. history, causing $265 billion in damage and forcing more … Continue reading

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Here’s How a Mile of Chicago’s River Became a Wildlife Haven By Leslie Nemo – Mother Jones –August 7, 2018 If you can bypass the cheese display at the Goose Island Whole Foods in Chicago, there’s a strange sight out … Continue reading

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After Decades of Effort, the Chesapeake Bay is Turning Around By Evan Lubofsky – Hakai Magazine – August 1, 2018 Complex. Mottled. Imperiled. Screwed. These are just some of the words scientists scrawled on cocktail napkins at a dinner in … Continue reading

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Rivers in the Sky: How Deforestation is Affecting Global Water Cycles By Fred Pearce – Yale Environment 360 – July 24, 2018 Every tree in the forest is a fountain, sucking water out of the ground through its roots and … Continue reading

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Climate Change: We’re Not Literally Doomed, but… There’s Space for Action Between “Everything is Fine,” and “The Apocalypse is Upon Us” By Kate Marvel – Scientific American – July 30, 2018 There is really no such thing as a post-apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Recognizing Their Role in Maintaining Healthy Watersheds, “Beaver Believers” Work to Rehab Rodent’s Reputation By Sarah Boon – Science – July 23, 2018 Why should we care about beavers? Consider all they do. Beavers convert vegetation to marsh to wetland … Continue reading

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The Poor Don’t Deserve Toxic-Waste Dumps in Their Backyards By Noah Smith – Bloomberg – July 23, 2018 The American left has a lot on its plate — universal health care, climate change, stagnant wages, wealth inequality and more. But … Continue reading

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