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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Aquaculture Doesn’t Reduce Pressure on Wild Fish By Brian Owens – Hakai Magazine – March 7, 2019 Aquaculture is often promoted as a sustainable alternative to catching wild fish—a way to reduce pressure on overexploited stocks while providing affordable and … Continue reading

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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Turning Up in Puget Sound Marine Life By Hannah Thomasy – Hakai Magazine – March 4, 2019 In Washington State’s Puget Sound, antibiotic-resistant bacteria are infecting the area’s harbor seals and harbor porpoises. A recent preliminary survey … Continue reading

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What counts as extreme temperature is a moving target By Sarah DeWeerdt – Anthropocene Magazine – February 26, 2019 With climate change, weather patterns that were unusual in the past (ahem, February heat waves in London) are becoming more common. But … Continue reading

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Restoring streamside vegetation using grazing and beavers By Kurt Fesenmyer – Trout Unlimited – February 22, 20 19 – VideoIf youment the BLM uses to evaluate the overall condition or impairment of streams and streamside vegetation on the 248 million … Continue reading

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