Association of State Wetland Managers - Protecting the Nation's Wetlands.


Guest Blog: May is American Wetlands Month, by Suzanne van Drunick, National Program Director, EPA’s Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Program (05/19/17)

Guest Blog: International Wetland Plant Project, by Marc Seelinger, The Swamp School (05/11/17)

Guest Blog: Make America’s Swamps Great Again,  An opinion-editorial by Kevin G. Coulton, PE, CFM (04/21/17)

Guest Blog: Plot Twist: Sixth Circuit Stay of the Long-Awaited Clean Water Rule Makes a Potential “Happily Ever After” A Bit More Elusive, by Professor Kim Diana Connolly, SUNY Buffalo Law School (10/23/15)

Guest Blog: Preventing Another “Unnatural Disaster” Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina, by Eileen Shader, Director, River Restoration, American Rivers (8/28/15)

Guest Blog: Net gain? Indiana University Researchers Answer Thorny Question About Wetlands Management, An interview with Dr. Chris Craft, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University (7/30/15)

Guest Blog: New Reports Show Alarming Trend of Wetland Losses in the World , by William J. Mitsch Ph.D (5/22/15)

Wetlands, Watersheds, and Climate Change Adaptation: Collaborating with multiple interests to address flood/drought projections, by Peg Bostwick, ASWM’s Senior Policy Analyst (2/21/13)

Ripples of Climate Change Intersecting Wetlands, by Peg Bostwick, ASWM’s Senior Policy Analyst (12/4/12)

Wetlands and Natural Hazards: Devastation from Hurricane Irene, by Jon Kusler, Esq., Ph.D. (9/26/11)

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