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WOTUS Revised: Proposed Federal Rule Retracts the Reach of the Clean Water Act By Wendy Manley – Forest Network – December 19, 2018 The controversial definition of “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS), which establishes the reach of federal jurisdiction … Continue reading

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Bay Foundation grades health of the Chesapeake Bay a D+ By Rachel Felver – Chesapeake Bay Program – January 8, 2019 The first assessment of Bay health in 2019 shows mixed results. In the biennial “State of the Bay” report, … Continue reading

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Farm Bill by the Numbers National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition –  December 21, 2018 The farm bill is complex package of legislation – like other authorizing bills, the bill’s primary focus is on policies and programs, but unlike many authorization bills, the … Continue reading

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Putting some mussel into river restoration By Rebecca Chillrud – Chesapeake Bay Program – January 02, 2019 Maryland’s Patapsco River, which flows through central Maryland into the Chesapeake Bay, hasn’t been home to the eastern elliptio, a freshwater mussel species, … Continue reading

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Making Waves: 5 Steps the 116th Congress Should Take to Restore the Health and Productivity of America’s Oceans By Alexandra Carter and Miriam Goldstein – Center for American Progress – December 18, 2018 The 2018 elections sent a clear message: … Continue reading

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The Value of Snow By Jessica D. Lundquist – EOS – December 18, 2018 The fall colors are moving from the trees to the sidewalk, and the morning walk to the bus stop seems colder each day. “Do you think … Continue reading

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Exploring the Ecosystem of the U.S.- Mexico Border By Margaret Wilder – Scientific American – December 6, 2018 The wetlands are springing back to life in the Colorado River delta located mostly in Mexico just at the border with the … Continue reading

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Cutting the Salt in Winter Road Maintenance By Jeremy Hinsdale – State of the Planet – December 13, 2018 Entire floors of the Port Authority bus terminal on lock down for crowd control. Kids with special needs trapped on school … Continue reading

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Climate Change is No Longer a Future Problem By Shahir Masri – The Hill – December 3, 2018 For years, climate change has been discussed in the context of tomorrow — a problem for future generations — with specific impacts … Continue reading

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Looking to Nature: Mobilizing Constructed Wetlands for Resource Recovery By Paxia Ksatryo and Tamara Avellán – SDG – November 29, 20218 With 80% of wastewater being released untreated into the environment and 892 million people still practicing open defecation, our communities and … Continue reading

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