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by Peg Bostwick, ASWM This photo of the Grand River flowing through downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan was taken from my hotel room window last week, while attending the Michigan Wetlands Association Conference – New Directions in Wetland Protection and Management. … Continue reading

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by Peg Bostwick, ASWM I recently had the opportunity to represent the Association of State Wetland Managers in a meeting with wetland program representatives from Alaska and Oregon to discuss their potential assumption of the §404 wetland permit program.  Michigan … Continue reading

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“In determining the limits of its power to regulate discharges under the [Clean Water] Act, the Corps must necessarily choose some point at which water ends and land begins. Our common experience tells us that this is often no easy … Continue reading

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Everything is connected – that is old knowledge.  But  it is knowledge that is reinforced by an article sent to me today, one of several pointing out how climate change and resulting drought contributed to the current conflict in Syria … Continue reading

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We recently spent a few days at the summer home of a family member along northern Lake Huron.  A long quiet walk on the beach is perfect for contemplation – or to avoid thinking while listening to the slow rhythm … Continue reading

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A bill passed by Michigan’s state legislature on June 13, 2013 – now awaiting signature by the Governor – would amend Michigan’s wetland protection law in a manner that may jeopardize the state’s continued administration of the federal §404 wetland … Continue reading

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The topic of watershed management is as complex and diverse as our nation’s watersheds themselves.   EPA recently released A QUICK GUIDE to Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters to provide an overview and update of its extensive … Continue reading

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It is exciting to hear about a tangible example of the application of wetland strategies to address local issues and goals.   Here is one recently showcased on an ASWM webinar presentation by Matt Meersman of Friends of the St. Joe … Continue reading

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Given the complexities of our national affairs, it helps to maintain a sense of humor regarding government.   Here’s a 1952 view of Washington, courtesy of the late Walt Kelly’s Pogo…. the issues may have changed, but it seems that attitudes … Continue reading

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As I write this, the forecast for Earth Day in mid-Michigan is for a mix of sun and showers.  Right now, it is all showers.  Saturated fields, localized flooding, and bank full cocoa-colored creeks —  all of this is good … Continue reading

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