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Species facing climate change could find help in odd place: urban environments TuftsNow – May 14, 2019 When it comes to wildlife conservation efforts, urban environments could be far more helpful than we think, according to new research. A study … Continue reading

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‘Historic day for Scotland’ as beavers get protected status By Libby Brooks – The Guardian – May 1, 2019 Wildlife campaigners have hailed a “historic day for Scotland” as beavers are granted protected status a decade after their successful reintroduction in … Continue reading

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What We Owe to Rachel Carson Chesapeake Bay Foundation – March 14, 2019 In honor of Women’s History Month, we are looking back at some of the natural world’s greatest heroines. And perhaps there’s no one more deserving of that descriptor … Continue reading

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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Turning Up in Puget Sound Marine Life By Hannah Thomasy – Hakai Magazine – March 4, 2019 In Washington State’s Puget Sound, antibiotic-resistant bacteria are infecting the area’s harbor seals and harbor porpoises. A recent preliminary survey … Continue reading

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Climate Change is No Longer a Future Problem By Shahir Masri – The Hill – December 3, 2018 For years, climate change has been discussed in the context of tomorrow — a problem for future generations — with specific impacts … Continue reading

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IPCC Report and the Missing Dialogue in US Environmentalism By Khalil Shahyd – NRDC – November 6, 2018 The recent midterm elections will have far reaching implications with choices made on key ballot initiatives and between candidates who support plans … Continue reading

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Most Underestimate Minorities’ Environmental Concerns—Even Minorities By Susan Kelley – Cornell Chronicle – October 29, 2018 In a new study with implications for environmental organizations – and an indication that stereotypes are alive and well – most Americans underestimate just … Continue reading

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The Answer to Coastal Flooding is Not More Cement By David Yarnold, opinion contributor – The Hill – October 2018 For decades, governments have built higher levees and concrete barriers as the answer to protecting life and property from damaging … Continue reading

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The Poor Don’t Deserve Toxic-Waste Dumps in Their Backyards By Noah Smith – Bloomberg – July 23, 2018 The American left has a lot on its plate — universal health care, climate change, stagnant wages, wealth inequality and more. But … Continue reading

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Redefining Business with Environmental Restoration By Andrew Wu – Conservation Finance Network – March 14, 2018 For environmentalists, the word “business” often raises the specter of pollution. High-profile incidents such as the Volkswagen emissions scandal and the BP oil spill remind … Continue reading

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