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Redefining Business with Environmental Restoration By Andrew Wu – Conservation Finance Network – March 14, 2018 For environmentalists, the word “business” often raises the specter of pollution. High-profile incidents such as the Volkswagen emissions scandal and the BP oil spill remind … Continue reading

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Investing in Nature: The Economic Benefits of Protecting Our Lands and Waters U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – August 29, 2017 Having a good estimate of nature’s value allows communities to make informed land management decisions and effectively advocate for land protection. … Continue reading

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Forget ‘the environment’: we need new words to convey life’s wonders By George Monbiot – The Guardian – August 9, 2017 If Moses had promised the Israelites a land flowing with mammary secretions and insect vomit, would they have followed him into … Continue reading

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Lakes Are Being A-Salted By Asher Elbein – Hakai Magazine – August 9, 2017 During winter storms, snowplows rumble along the roads ringing New Hampshire’s Mirror Lake. A spray of salt whirls out from behind each truck—sodium chloride settles on … Continue reading

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Why Rust Belt States Are Tackling Methane When Trump Won’t By Dan Grossman – Forbes – March 23, 2017 Nobody raises an eyebrow when California takes steps to rein in air pollution – but what’s going on when conservative-leaning rust belt states … Continue reading

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Lessons from Oroville: Resilience for Scarcity and Abundance By James Brasuell – Planetizen – February 15, 2017 – Video Is anyone feeling resilient enough to talk about resilience? To add to the overwhelming evidence that 2017 has not been a … Continue reading

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Bringing the U.S. Government Together to Improve Human Rights & Protect the Environment Environmental Justice in Action – November 10, 2016 The United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, not well known to the American public, is a unique intersection … Continue reading

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The Road to Empowerment: In the Field with Faith-based Environmentalists By Michael W. Fincham – Chesapeake Quarterly – October 2016 JODI ROSE FOUND HER CALLING AT A RED LIGHT. She was on the road that morning driving to work, when … Continue reading

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Celebrating 40 Years of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act By Mathy Stanislaus – EPA Connect – October 21, 2016 Forty years ago, our nation looked much different than it does today. There were few protections in place to safeguard … Continue reading

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Building equity, inclusiveness for low-income communities is key in climate resilience planning By Shamar Bibbinss – Environmental Justice in Action – EPA Blog – August 16, 2016 As a student organizer, I saw firsthand the lack of engagement with communities … Continue reading

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