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The Problem with Levees By Nicholas Pinter – Scientific American – August 1, 2019 Along the great rivers of the U.S.—the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and many others—history is tied to the syncopated rhythm of flooding. The great flood years … Continue reading

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Landscape with Beavers By Stacy Passmore – Places Journal – July 2019 In the American West, beavers are gaining a reputation as environmental engineers who can help restore water systems — and challenge their human neighbors to think differently about … Continue reading

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Data Highlight State-by-State Benefits of Federal Natural Disaster Mitigation Grants By Anne Stauffer, Colin Foard & Errol Spence – PEW – June 17, 2019 Every federal grant dollar spent on natural disaster mitigation projects, such as elevating buildings or retrofitting infrastructure to … Continue reading

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‘Historic day for Scotland’ as beavers get protected status By Libby Brooks – The Guardian – May 1, 2019 Wildlife campaigners have hailed a “historic day for Scotland” as beavers are granted protected status a decade after their successful reintroduction in … Continue reading

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3 Actions the Government Can Take Today to Lessen the Damage of Future Floods By Shannon Cunniff – Environmental Defense Fund – October 8, 2018 Another devastating hurricane, another bill for American taxpayers: The tally from Hurricane Florence may go … Continue reading

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New Defense Bill Strengthens the Military’s Flood & Energy Readiness and Saves Taxpayer Dollars—All While Addressing Climate Change By Shana Udvardy – Union of Concerned Scientists – August 7, 2018 Today, President Trump signed into law H.R. 5515, the John S. … Continue reading

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We’ve failed to secure our coasts — we must build resilience before it’s too late By Katharine Mach – The Hill  – June 27, 2018 As record-setting rains pummel South Texas and Ellicott City struggles to recover from another deadly … Continue reading

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National Flood Insurance Is Underwater Because of Outdated Science By Jen Schwartz – Scientific America – March 23, 2018 The National Flood Insurance Program, which covers some 5.2 million property holders in the U.S., was slated to get a badly … Continue reading

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Senate must stop ignoring the National Flood Insurance Program  By John Huff – Washington Examiner – March 5, 2018 Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have increasingly relied on do-or-die deadlines to advance critical legislation and keep the government running. But this … Continue reading

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Poll Shows Nationwide Support for Feds to Boost Rebuilding Standards By Laura Lightbody – The PEW Charitable Trusts – February 1, 2018 More than 7 in 10 registered voters across the U.S. support policies that will enable communities and the nation … Continue reading

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