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Outcome-based contracting is about to reach a whole new level. Here’s why. By Shannon Cunniff – Environmental Defense Fund – February 1, 2018 Even though it’s set to receive billions in settlement dollars after the 2010 Gulf oil spill, Louisiana … Continue reading

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 Restoring a Wetland Ocean Wise – aquablog – February 1, 2018 Leave the land better than you found it: that’s a motto to live by for Terry Halleran and his wife, Michele. Together they restored nearly eight hectares of natural wetlands, … Continue reading

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Pay-for-Performance: Bringing the Best of the Private Sector to Realize Wetland By Shannon Cunniff – Restore the Mississippi River Delta – December 6,2017 Over the next 15 years, Louisiana will receive billions of dollars for coastal restoration from Gulf oil … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch, Policy Analyst, ASWM As a mother of two elementary school-aged children, I always have my eye out for interesting weekend or evening activities that we can go to as a family that have hands-on learning opportunities and … Continue reading

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Restoring America’s Wetland Forest Legacy By Sam Davis – Union of Concerned Scientists Blog – February 7, 2017 Like many white, middle-class, suburban kids, I grew up with one foot in the forest. To me, that small woodlot, a green … Continue reading

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By Jeanne Christie, Executive Director, ASWM When I was growing up everyone knew absolutely that dinosaurs were cold blooded, ulcers were caused by stress and Pluto was a planet.  But with new knowledge, and reinterpretation of existing information, our understanding … Continue reading

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By Melissa Mullineaux, Intern, ASWM After writing my previous blog, Something’s Fishy, a few weeks ago about water pollution and wetlands’ ability to filter contaminants from water; I got to thinking more about the use of wetlands as a solution … Continue reading

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Breivogel habitat restoration video By Tom Biebighauser – Wetland Restoration and Training, Inc.– April 21, 2016 – Video

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By Jeanne Christie At the beginning of November the U.S. Army Corps’ Institute for Water Resources released: “The Mitigation Rule Retrospective: A Review of the 2008 Regulations Governing Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources” which is a comprehensive and informative … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch At the end of a long day of meetings a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get the chance to take an unexpected wetland wander in the Bangor Forest of Maine.  Although it was … Continue reading

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