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Stealing the Rain By Brian Richter – Sustainable Waters – November 21, 2918 One of the great benefits of my role as the water scarcity editor for the international Water Security journal is that it forces me to read a … Continue reading

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Mitigation Matters: Policy Solutions to Reduce Local Flood Risk PEW – November 19, 2019 Since 2000, floods have cost the United States more than $845 billion in damage to homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. The expense of adapting to more … Continue reading

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Bringing the world’s buried wetlands back from the dead By Matthew Brown and James Brooks  – Associated Press – November 5, 2019 The ghosts are all around the gently rolling farmlands of eastern England. But you have to know where … Continue reading

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Meet the feds who track changes in the nation’s wetlands Ariel Wittenberg – E&E News – November 7, 2019 When Megan Lang flies on airplanes with her children, she says she has to “fight them” for the window seat. Chief … Continue reading

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Economic analysis could undermine Trump rule repeal Ariel Wittenberg – E&E News – October 30, 2019 When the Trump administration finalized its repeal of the Obama-era Clean Water Rule last month, it also quietly updated an economic analysis of the … Continue reading

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When Big Storms Inundate Wisconsin, How Could Wetlands ‘Slow The Flow’? By Will Cushman – WisContext – October 7, 2019 When record-setting rains in July 2016 sent murky, sediment-laden floodwaters rushing into Chequamegon Bay, residents of Ashland and other bayside … Continue reading

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Microbe from New Jersey wetlands chomps PFAS ACS – September 18, 2019 Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are building up in the environment, and scientists are becoming concerned. These substances, ubiquitous as water-repellent or nonstick additives in many consumer products, … Continue reading

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What was once lush and thriving Bay Sarina Katz – Restore America’s Estuaries – September 10, 2019 A groundbreaking report recently published by NOAA and its partners uses new technology and data to determine that West Coast estuaries have lost nearly … Continue reading

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Manoomin: Food that grows on the water Wisconsin Wetlands Association – August 28, 2019 While wetlands are well known for their diversity and productivity, not many wetland lovers in the state head out to the marsh with the intent of … Continue reading

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Hard-working termites crucial to forest, wetland ecosystems Science Daly – August 14, 2019 Termites are unwelcome in your home. They can cause structural damage to the wood in frames, floors and other materials. It’s nothing personal, though. They are really … Continue reading

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