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Past Salameander Posts

~by Peg Bostwick

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EPA Action to Clarify State-Assumable Waters under §404 (3/20/15)

Struggling for Balance: Withdrawal of the Interpretive Rule Regarding Exempt Agricultural Activities (2/19/15)

The True Art of Climate Change Adaptation (1/22/15)

A Year End Wetland Report Card (12/4/14)

Use of Drones in Wetland Monitoring – It’s Here (10/31/14)

Evolving Climate Change Perceptions: Moving from Persuasion to Cooperative Action (10/2/14)

Notes from the Michigan Wetlands Association Conference (9/5/14)

Drinking Water or Algae Soup? Land use, climate change, wetlands, and the color of water (8/5/14)

Salameander: Haunted by Dragonflies (7/11/14)

Restoration, Regulation, and a new Interpretive Rule (6/5/14)

“Given Climate Change” (5/1/14)

Wetland Restoration – Status of the Science: Redux (3/13/14)

Faster, Higher, Stronger (1/30/14)

Ice Storms and Roses (1/3/14)

Wild Turkeys Are Thankful for Wetlands (11/26/13)

Navigable, Adjacent, Assumable Waters? We need to distinguish between assumable and jurisdictional waters of the United (10/31/13)

The Nexus (10/4/13)

Seeking Common Ground in Public Trust Resources (9/5/13)

The flow of time at the water’s edge (7/31/13)

Will the State of Michigan continue administration of the Section 404 permit program? (6/28/13)

EPA Watershed Planning Guide and Wetland Supplement – New Tools to Encourage Watershed Partnerships (6/6/13)

Of Wetland Restoration, Climate Adaptation, and Local Watershed Solutions (5/23/13)

Strategic Planning Out in the Swamp (5/2/13)

April Showers, Adaptation, and Earth Day (4/18/13)

National Climate Change Adaptation Strategies: Where are the Wetlands? (3/28/13)






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