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Landscape with Beavers By Stacy Passmore – Places Journal – July 2019 In the American West, beavers are gaining a reputation as environmental engineers who can help restore water systems — and challenge their human neighbors to think differently about … Continue reading

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Recognizing Their Role in Maintaining Healthy Watersheds, “Beaver Believers” Work to Rehab Rodent’s Reputation By Sarah Boon – Science – July 23, 2018 Why should we care about beavers? Consider all they do. Beavers convert vegetation to marsh to wetland … Continue reading

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By Jeanne Christie, Executive Director, ASWM There is perhaps no more iconic symbol of the wetlands and waterways of the nation than the Great Blue Heron.  This beautiful bird is found year round throughout much of the lower 48 states.  … Continue reading

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In California, Beavers are essential to recovering wild salmon By Miria Finn – Environmental News Network – March 1, 2015 With California’s wild Coho salmon populations down to 1% of their former numbers, there’s growing evidence that beavers – long … Continue reading

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Beavers Help Out Young Frogs Robert Kwok – Conservation Magazine – October 30, 2014 Beavers are a boon to the environment: Their dams create ponds that provide homes for birds, amphibians, and other critters. Now scientists have found that beavers … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch For those working in development, planning, transportation and flood prevention most likely the image that comes to mind when you use the word “beaver” is of a large, furry, flat- tailed, tree-cutting, pond-producing foe.  While the impacts … Continue reading

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Master Builders: The Beavers show us how it’s done. (A 2 part article) By Adelle Havard – BBC Earth – December 10, 2010 It’s at this time of year when many of us batten down the hatches and prepare for … Continue reading

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Marsh madness: Identifying duck-like waterfowl 1044208-358.stm New Participation Guidebook on Delaware Wetlands guidebookprovidesactions.aspx Beavers: The Engineers of the Forest By Jennifer Weeks – Smithsonian Magazine – March 16, 2010 Back from the brink of extinction, the beavers of … Continue reading

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Yet most agree that her tail is fish And if her body be fish too, Then I may say that a fish Will walk upon the land                        —The Compleat Angler The history of commerce in North America is also the … Continue reading

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