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The Most Ambitious Climate Plan in History By Janet L. Yellen and Ted Halstead – Fortune – September 10, 2018 At the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, the United States committed to reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions by 26% to 28% … Continue reading

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The tremendous benefits provided by just one beaver family By Brandon Keim – Anthropocene Magazine – May 30, 2018 People already know that beavers are keystone species whose activities shape landscapes in broadly beneficial ways. If such descriptions sound a … Continue reading

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Slinging Sediment  By Evan Lubofsky – Hakai Magazine – February 7, 2018 Seagrass meadows take up less than 0.1 percent of the world’s oceans; nevertheless, they are considered a huge carbon sink. Seagrass draws carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, … Continue reading

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Everyone in the country is aware of our enormous federal deficit and the public is hugely concerned.  There have been too many withdrawals compared to deposits and savings are increasingly scarce. Finding funding to address climate change and more specifically … Continue reading

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