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The Problem with Levees By Nicholas Pinter – Scientific American – August 1, 2019 Along the great rivers of the U.S.—the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and many others—history is tied to the syncopated rhythm of flooding. The great flood years … Continue reading

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3 Actions the Government Can Take Today to Lessen the Damage of Future Floods By Shannon Cunniff – Environmental Defense Fund – October 8, 2018 Another devastating hurricane, another bill for American taxpayers: The tally from Hurricane Florence may go … Continue reading

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Needed: A New Federal-State Partnership for Flood Mitigation Contact: Laura Lightbody – The Pew Charitable Trust – March 20, 2018 Flooding is the most costly and common natural disaster across the U.S.,1 claiming lives, damaging households and businesses, and straining … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Flood Risks Across the U.S. are Underestimated (in a Big Way) By Cara Byington – Cool Green Science – February 28, 2018 A new paper publishing today in Environmental Research Letters has some sobering news for people … Continue reading

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Senate must stop ignoring the National Flood Insurance Program  By John Huff – Washington Examiner – March 5, 2018 Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have increasingly relied on do-or-die deadlines to advance critical legislation and keep the government running. But this … Continue reading

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Can the United States Afford Another Hurricane? By Jackie Snow – Hakai Magazine– September 21, 2017 The 2017 North Atlantic hurricane season still has about five weeks to go, but it’s already one of the most expensive on record. According to Gavin … Continue reading

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 The Trump Skinny Budget and Federal Flood Protection By Julie Minerva, Scott L. Shapiro and Andrea P. Clark – The Levee Was Dry – March 16, 2017 This morning the Trump Administration released its America First Budget (aka the Skinny … Continue reading

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This has been a year of natural disasters here and abroad.  The news has been filled with stories of tsunamis, droughts, wildfires, tornadoes and floods. Worldwide, 2011 is already the costliest year on record storycode=391797 Taken as a single … Continue reading

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