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Rivers in the Sky: How Deforestation is Affecting Global Water Cycles By Fred Pearce – Yale Environment 360 – July 24, 2018 Every tree in the forest is a fountain, sucking water out of the ground through its roots and … Continue reading

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2017 was the second-worst year on record for tropical tree cover loss By Mikaela Weisse and Elizabeth Dow Goldman – World Resources institute – June 26, 2018 Last year was the second-worst on record for tropical tree cover loss, according … Continue reading

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Can we speed up the creation of ancient forests? By Brandon Keim – Anthropocene Magazine – January 17, 2018 Perhaps one percent of the forests that covered America just a few centuries ago still stand. The same can be said … Continue reading

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Bringing Back Diversity in Eastern Forests for Landowners, Wildlife By Justin Fritscher – USDA Blog – December 29, 2016 What do biologists look for in a healthy forest? A diversity in the ages and composition of trees and occasional breaks … Continue reading

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Restoration Spotlight: A forest’s hopes rest on golden wings By Will Parson – Chesapeake Bay News – February 7, 2017 – Video When Mike and Laura Jackson wanted to restore wildlife habitat on their slice of a forested Pennsylvania mountainside, … Continue reading

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Watersheds Lost Up to 22% of Their Forests in 14 Years. Here’s How it Affects Your Water Supply By Yiyuan Qin and Todd Gartner – World Resources Institute – August 30, 2016 Drought in Sao Paulo. Flooding in the Himalayas. … Continue reading

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