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Walking Trees Terrorize Marshes By Asher Elbein – Hakai Magazine – July 5, 2017 In the shadow of the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida’s Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, a quiet invasion is taking place. Amid the brackish water and … Continue reading

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Intact mangroves worth twice as much as rice paddies By Emma Bryce – Anthropocene – June 9, 2017 Conservationists frequently say that ecosystems are worth more when they’re left untouched. But to whom? Local communities who could potentially farm the … Continue reading

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A Burning Problem For Mangroves By Helen Scales – Hakai Magazine – October 11, 2016 Beyond Antananarivo—Madagascar’s capital city—signs of urbanization give way to sprawling farms and sweeping grasslands. At the coastal city of Toliara to the south, after a … Continue reading

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Purple Mango Tree written by Dr. Ranee Kaur Banerjee With several recent blog entries about wetlands, a focus on wetland education (for kids and adults) and a nice little poem about “Mysterious Marshes” Mangroves & Coastal Wetlands Store 50 … Continue reading

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