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Making Waves: 5 Steps the 116th Congress Should Take to Restore the Health and Productivity of America’s Oceans By Alexandra Carter and Miriam Goldstein – Center for American Progress – December 18, 2018 The 2018 elections sent a clear message: … Continue reading

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We Can Still Save Our Oceans and Fisheries. New Study Shows How. By Merrick Burden – Environmental Defense Fund – August 29, 2018 For years, scientists have warned that climate change, along with overfishing, would devastate oceans and the fisheries … Continue reading

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Fish Subsidies are Speeding the Decline of Ocean Health By Elizabeth Wilson – PEW – July 19, 2018 More than 1 billion people worldwide depend on seafood as a main source of protein, and about 100 million people rely directly … Continue reading

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Why Protect 600,000 Square Miles That Most People Will Never See? By Jenny Woodman – Ensia –  October 3, 2017  – Video Much of what lay beneath the ship was a mystery. The edge of the continental shelf plummets more … Continue reading

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A Return to Common Sense for Our Coasts By Ted Danson – Huffington Post Blog – December 1, 2010 I haven’t heard news this good in a long time. The Obama administration’s announcement to protect the Eastern Gulf of Mexico … Continue reading

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