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On Earth Day 2004 President Bush announced that wetland gains achieved through restoration and creation had surpassed wetland losses achieving no net loss of wetlands for the first time.  The  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) Status and Trends report … Continue reading

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“When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.” -~William James Earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes have impacted millions of Americans in recent weeks and it is easy to find numerous articles and … Continue reading

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A little railroad engine was employed about a station yard for such work as it was built for, pulling a few cars on and off the switches. One morning it was waiting for the next call when a long train … Continue reading

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Wetlands in a Changing Climate Sierra Club blog – June 7, 2011 To see video:

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Anyone who has raised a child is well aware that the message delivered is not always the message received.  Kids let you know pretty quickly when communication has somehow gone wrong.  Adults don’t. I remember a story I heard many … Continue reading

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Wetlands can cope with sea rise By Shalini Srivastava – Down to Earth – January 2011 AMID predictions by climate scientists that half the coastal marshes may not survive rising sea level, comes a glimmer of hope. A study published … Continue reading

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Coastal Wetlands Under Threat By Tom Schueneman – Planet Save – December 3, 2010 New modeling research  helps scientists, planners, and resource managers better understand threats to wetlands from sea level rise. The conclusion of an international research effort is … Continue reading

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  Nationwide beaches are eroding.  Ocean storms, hurricanes, sea level rise,  sea walls, jetties, and other natural occurrences and manmade practices result in the erosion of  portions of 95,000 miles of coastline in the United States every year.  As a … Continue reading

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On October 14, the Administration’s Climate Change Adaptation Task Force released an interagency report providing recommendations on how federal agencies can prepare the United States for climate change.  The report provides a broad framework for acquiring information and developing tools … Continue reading

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 “We basically have three choices: mitigation, adaptation, and suffering. We’re going to do some of each. The question is what the mix is going to be. The more mitigation we do, the less adaptation will be required and the less suffering … Continue reading

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