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How eating seaweed can help cows to belch less methanes By Judith Lewis Mernit – Yale Environment 360 – July 2, 2018 The spring morning temperature in landlocked northern California warns of an incipient scorcher, but the small herd of … Continue reading

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For a Healthy Beach, Leave the Seaweed Alone By Samantha Andrews – Hakai Magazine – April 4, 2018 For a tourist, nothing ruins a picturesque sandy beach like the sight and smell of rotting seaweed, which is why owners and … Continue reading

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Seaweed and Seagrass Buffer the Acidity of the Nearby Ocean By Rachel Nuwer – Hakai Magazine – February 15, 2018 Ocean acidification is already threatening marine life around the world, and conditions are only expected to worsen in the coming … Continue reading

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