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By Marla J. Stelk, Policy Analyst, ASWM Mainers love mud. In this part of the world, this time of year is known affectionately as “mud season.” And we love to get up to our ears in it. Why? Because it’s … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch An Easy Way to Support the Association of State Wetland Managers while shopping with AmazonSmile ASWM is known for engaging on the national scene with timely responses to emerging issues that protect wetlands – responding to unexpected … Continue reading

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“Many wetland recovery programs have failed by trying to re-create the original ecosystems. Recent successes have focused on one or two limited goals and have let nature take it from there.” –John Carey An article in the December Issue of … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch I recently had the opportunity to connect with a large number of Northern New England colleagues working on stormwater management at the Maine Stormwater Conference.  At this meeting, there were discussions about low impact development and green … Continue reading

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by Brenda Zollitsch Every year at this time in Maine, we reach that point when going outside as the temperature drops becomes a choice rather than a given.  The amount of clothing that is required, the preparation in case you … Continue reading

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At the end of March the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a draft report on the quality of our nation’s rivers and streams.  The study found that 55% of the country’s rivers and streams do not support a healthy population … Continue reading

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A Career in Engineering By Alexandra Cheney – Wall Street Journal – September 13, 2010 Envisioning how you would design and create a wetland or reroute a stream channel? Check out environmental engineering. 8703946504575469820272216004.html National Wetlands Awards – Call … Continue reading

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Wetland mitigation, replacing functions and values lost, is a large part of Clean Water Act Section 404 and state dredge and fill permitting programs for wetlands.  Throughout the country stream mitigation requirements are slowly being adopted by states and Corps … Continue reading

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 “We basically have three choices: mitigation, adaptation, and suffering. We’re going to do some of each. The question is what the mix is going to be. The more mitigation we do, the less adaptation will be required and the less suffering … Continue reading

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       “Once, while driving in a wagon with Dave, up an exceedingly        wet and rocky backwoods road,  with the water pouring        down the middle, I asked him how in Aroostook County they        were able to tell its roads from … Continue reading

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