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The Compleat Wetlander: Celebrating Space: ASWM Office Renovations

cwlogoBy Jeanne Christie

The Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. is an organization that began life in a chicken coop—well actually it was a converted ‘winterized’ chicken coop–but a chicken coop all the same.  It resided in this “repurposed” building behind the home of past Executive Director Dr. Jon Kusler, Esq. in Berne, NY, for well over a decade.  In 2002 the ASWM main office was moved to a barn in Windham, ME which belonged to the new Executive Director, yours truly, Jeanne Christie. In true Maine contractors041416fashion the barn was (and is) connected to the house and the part where our offices resided was also ‘winterized.’

In 2010, ASWM moved across the street from the barn to a small business park providing opportunity for growth, but in the last couple years, space has become increasingly tight with the addition of new staff.  However, as of this week, all that has changed. We now have room to grow!  We are very grateful to our building manager Fred Kinney and our general contractors Tim Curran and Jay Spruce as well as the last minute contributions of Brent and Chris from SystemArchitecture who stepped in to address some unanticipated challenges related to phone and internet wiring. I’d like to also thank the ASWM staff who provided ideas to help us design the expansion and were very patient as we continued to operate at our chrisbret041416offices through all the changes.  Finally, I’d like to thank the Association of State Wetland Managers Board for supporting us throughout!

But it’s not enough to tell you about this; we want to show you. So here is a before, during and after video to show what’s been happening here over the past six weeks.  Special thanks to Dawn Smith for working her video wizardry to create something to share.

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