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The Compleat Wetlander: Wildlife in Wetlands and Wildlands

Wildlife and people abound in Yellowstone National Park this month.  This past weekend the Compleat Wetlander encountered bison, coyotes, wolves, antelope, Sandhill cranes, osprey, weasel, rabbit, squirrels and bear—mostly in wetlands and the adjacent floodplains of the park.  As winter approaches, the wildlife head for the riparian lowlands for shelter and food.  We pursued crowds gathered with binoculars and spotting scopes to help us find the wildlife. We listened to elks bugle challenges and wolves howl. We dodged irritable bison (while driving) and watched park staff anxiously herd people away from the entrance to the visitor’s center at Mammoth Hot Springs, where a bull elk stood guard over his harem.  The weather was warm and the autumn colors were spectacular.  But enough words—below are a few pictures.  Enjoy!

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