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Past Compleat Wetlander Posts

~by Jeanne Christie

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Distribution of Wetlands and Streams and Extent of State Dredge and Fill Permitting Programs in the United States (9/8/17)


Herons and Beaver—Made for Each Other! (6/22/17)

Recommendations for Regulatory Reform at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (6/1/17)

Priorities #1 for State Wetland Programs: Supporting open communication between Federal and State Agencies (03/16/17)

Extreme Weather and Infrastructure (2/17/17)

Celebrating the Contributions of Two Outstanding Public Servants (1/26/17)

Final Nationwide Rule Published in the Federal Register – Up Next is §401 Certification, Coastal Consistency Review and Corps District Regional Conditions (1/6/17)

Understanding How to Improve Wetland Restoration: A Work in Progress (11/4/16)

Publications Available to Support Community Decision Making to Minimize Flood Risks (9/9/16)

What I did on my vacation: Mushroom Identification for New Mycophiles (8/11/16)

New Reports Available to Support Protection of Riparian Resources (7/15/16)

Sunning with Puffins (6/23/16)

Celebrating the First Ever National Assessment of Wetland Health (5/12/16)

Celebrating Space: ASWM Office Renovations (4/14/16)

Addressing the Zika Virus Based on Sound Science (3/17/16)

Reissuance of Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide Permits in 2017: The Clock is Ticking (2/19/16)

Five Stories to Follow in 2016 (1/28/16)

Understanding the Impact on Compensatory Mitigation of the 2008 Rule (12/3/15)

Wetland Report Card Available for Review (11/12/15)

Agriculture and Wetlands Together Are Our Future (10/1/15)

An Outdoor Adventure For Every Wetland Lover’s Bucket List (9/11/15)

Clean Water Rule Implementation Set to Begin (8/21/15)

Watching Waves Work (7/10/15)

The Clean Water Rule: Only Part of the Strategy for Wetland Protection (6/19/15)

What’s Next for the Clean Water Rule (5/1/15)

Venice, Resilience and Pondering What’s Next for Coastal Communities (4/16/15)

The Compleat Wetlander: National Wetlands Inventory Turns 40 (3/13/15)

The Meaning of Snow. (2/13/15)

Lyme on the rise? Blame people, oak trees and coyotes. (12/16/14)

Getting Wetland Restoration Done Right (11/06/14)

Seeking a New Perspective on Economic Opportunity and Climate Change (10/10/14)

Natural and Manmade Ecosystems; Where are we headed? (8/15/14)

Clean Water Act Jurisdiction, Polluters and Clean Water (7/18/14)

Government Liability and Climate Change: Draft Report Available (6/12/14)

Celebrate the International Day of Biodiversity by Taking Action (5/22/14)

Many Moving Parts: Keeping up with Changes to Clean Water Act Jurisdiction (4/24/14)

Isolated Wetlands Remain Largely Unprotected Under Proposed CWA Rule (3/27/14)

“Tis a Good Season for Communication and Collaboration” (2/13/14)

Why Is Wetland Restoration Failing? (1/16/14)

Wetlands Protection: It’s All About the Future (12/12/13)

Climate Change Resiliency: Are Important Drivers of Local Climate Change Being Overlooked? (11/15/13)

Sustainable Funding for State and Tribal Wetland Programs (10/18/13)

Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: Science Review Comment Period Opens to Evaluate and Clarify Basis for Rule Changes (9/19/13)

Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: Science Review Comment Period Opens to Evaluate and Clarify Basis for Rule Changes – See more at:
Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: Science Review Comment Period Opens to Evaluate and Clarify Basis for Rule Changes – See more at:

Strategic Thinking on State Assumption of the Section 404 Program (8/16/13)

What’s Wrong With This Stream? Part II (7/19/13)

What’s wrong with this stream? Part I (6/21/13)

Identifying Wetlands That Store Floodwater (5/30/13)

Celebrate American Wetlands Month – Send Us Your Wetland Photos (5/9/13)

Help Us Let Everyone Know Wetland Maps are Important (4/24/13)

Taking Action to Reverse Pollution Running Into Streams (4/11/13)

Identifying Opportunities to Reduce Flood Damages and Save Tax Dollars (3/7/13)

Wetlands Here, There and Everywhere Matter (2/7/13)

Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District: A visit to the Supreme Court (1/24/13)

Don’t Miss Out on the Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy (1/10/13)

The Christmas Bird Count is 113 Years Young (12/20/12)

Will Post-Sandy Recovery Efforts Consider Wave Action in Future Storms? (12/13/12)

The drought of 2012: An ongoing catastrophe along the Mississippi River (11/29/12)

Where have all the Wetlands Gone? Why Does it Matter? (11/15/12)

Hurricane Sandy: In Search of Safety and Clean Water (11/2/12)

Clean Water Act Turns 40: An Opportunity for Celebration, Reflection and Renewed Commitment? (10/18/12)

Is it time for a National Stream Mitigation Action Plan? (10/04/12)

Is it Time for States to Implement the Clean Water Act Section 404 Program? (9/18/12)

Drought, Water and Wetlands along the Great Mississippi (8/30/12)

Understanding Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital and Sustainable Development (8/16/12)

Turning a Profit with Invasive Species (7/30/12)

Farm Bill Reauthorization will Impact Ducks, Wetlands and Human Health (7/10/12)

In Congress reauthorization of the Farm Bill and the National Floodplain Insurance Program may hurt or help wetlands conservation (6/21/12)

Creating a Toad Friendly Wetland – Or Any Wetland at all is a Challenge (6/06/12)

A New Wetland Plant List is Something to Celebrate (5/17/12)

American Wetlands Month: A Time to Celebrate? (5/4/12)

Will the Next Farm Bill Encourage Wetland Loss? (4/19/12)

The Trouble with Ponds (4/5/12)

Sackett vs. EPA—Not Just About Wetlands (3/22/12)

Rethinking the Role of Invasive Species in Wetlands (3/1/12)

States Begin Reviewing Section 404 Nationwide Permits (2/16/12)

Looking after the people who look after the wetlands (2/2/12)

Many Hands Make Wetland Mitigation ‘Light’ Work (1/20/12)

Dangerous Advice from a Wetland (1/2/12)

Are Wetlands Saving Us from a Changing Climate?(12/13/11)

Will Congress Prohibit Rulemaking to Clarify Clean Water Act Jurisdiction?(11/17/11)

State Wetland Regulatory Programs Help Businesses and the Public (11/09/11)

Status and Trends: No Net Loss of Wetlands Proves Elusive (10/14/11)

Help the Environment Help Us by Spending Less and Developing Perpetual Resources (9/22/11)

Climate change adaptation: As the world changes so will people (9/08/11)

401 Certification – Delivering a big payload for state rights, clean water and flood protection (8/26/11)

Golf, Open Space and Ecological Services (8/11/11)

Who’s on First: Understanding the Corps’ Mitigation Hierarchy and Selection Criteria (8/04/11)

Climate Change: Don’t Wait for This to Happen to You (7/27/11)

Rethinking Floods — Can We Take Actions Now to Reduce Future Catastrophes? (7/15/11)

For Lessons Learned Visit the Wetlands Database (7/7/11)

The Clean Water Act and Cooperative Federalism: Lessons of the Founding Fathers(6/30/11)

Don’t forget to comment on the draft Clean Water Act Guidance (6/14/11)

State-run Section 404 Programs – New “How to” Handbook Available for Review(6/6/11)

Wetland Mapping Training:  The Basics(5/26/11)

Use the Natural Floodplain as Nature Intended(5/18/11)

Make a Difference Commenting on the Draft CWA Guidance (5/11/11)

Clean Water Act jurisdiction—Separating Fiction from Fact? (5/4/11)

Another Earth Day and Another Compleat Wetlander Anniversary(4/22/11)

Caution, Construction Zone Ahead—Website Migration Underway (3/29/11)

Identifying Streams: East versus West (3/16/11)

Communicate in Plain Language to Build Support for Wetlands (3/3/11)

Regulatory Uncertainty is Bad for Business—Bad for Wetlands, Too (2/23/11)

Acquiring Greater Expertise on State Programs and Wetlands of the Great Lakes (2/15/11)

The National Wetland Plant List Is Open for Public Comment and Every Vote Counts (2/9/11)

Make Way for Wetlands:  Celebrating 40 Years of Ramsar (2/2/11)

Endangered Species, State Assumption and Section 7 Consultation (1/25/11)

New Challenges for Wetland Mapping (1/19/11)

Clean Water Act Jurisdiction:  Ideas for New Guidance and Rulemaking (Part 11 of 2) (1/11/11)

New Guidance on CWA Jurisdiction Will Be Out for Public Review (Part I of 2) (1/06/11)

Miracles Abound; Close to Home and All Around (12/27/10)

Spring Break for Wetlands (12/21/10)

New Webpage Launched on Section 404 Assumption (12/13/10)

Invasive Species: One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure (12/07/10)

Beach Nourishment In Texas–No Gains, Only Losses (12/01/10)

This Thanksgiving don’t talk turkey–talk cranberry instead (11/23/10)

Business Friendly can be Environment Friendly – Part II (11/16/10)

Business Friendly can be Environment Friendly – Part I (11/10/10)

Gulf Wetlands Clean-up:  Storms on the Horizon (11/02/10)

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Could Learn a Few Lessons from Wetlands (10/26/10)

A Better Wetland Website:  Information Please (10/19/10)

Paul Keddy’s Wetland Ecology –The Real Story of Wetlands (10/12/10)

The Wetland Pyramid and EPA’s Core Elements (10/04/10)

Wildlife in Wetlands and Wildlands(9/22/10)

Wetland Mitigation Then and Now (9/14/10)

Some plants grow only in wetlands—or do they? (9/07/10)

Clean Water Action Plan: Then and Now (8/31/10)

A Climate Change Portal for Everyone (8/25/10)

The Wildest Watershed (8/17/10)

Getting Ready to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (8/9/10)

Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Neither do Oil and Wetlands (8/03/10)

Smarter, Better, Clearer: Improving Wetland Permitting (7/27/10)

Wildlife, Wetlands and Life—or the Catastrophic Consequences of Ignoring those Pesky Externalities (7/20/10)

Wetland Adoption Programs: The Basics (7/12/10)

Wetland Jurisdiction and River Restoration:  The little state that can. (7/06/10)

Understanding Wetlands (6/28/10)

What about those Wetlands?—A Teachable Moment (6/21/10)

A Great Notion – Wetland Image Gallery (6/15/10)

Section 401 Certification – New Information for State and Tribal Wetland Program Managers (6/07/10)

In the Company of Champions (6/02/10)

Taking Time to Talk About Wetlands and Climate Change (5/24/10)

The Return of American Wetlands Month (5/17/10)

Responding to a Changing Climate:  Cast Your Vote for Protecting Water, Wetlands and Wildlife by May 15 (5/10/10)

Too Big to Fail: Gulf Coast Wetlands (5/4/10)

Anniversary Celebration and a Challenge (4/27/10)

A Historic Day for Conservation (4/20/10)

No More Resources for Climate Change – So Let’s Keep the Savings in the Bank (4/13/10)

Spring Migration for People and Birds (4/6/10)

America’s Great Outdoors—Including Kids, Including Wetlands (3/30/10)

World Water Day 2010—Clean Water for a Healthy World (3/23/10)

It’s the Season for Floods (3/16/10)

Ducks as a Metaphor for Life (3/8/10)

How Can States Improve Wetland Permitting? Inquiring Minds Want to Know (3/2/10)

Wetlands – Nature’s Kidneys and Other Specialized Services (2/23/10)

Good Words About Wetlands (2/15/10)

Economic Theory, Wetlands and the World (2/8/10)

Proposed Changes to “Principles and Guidelines” Need Public Input (2/2/10)

2010 Wish List for National Wetland Programs (1/26/10)

Wish list for State Wetlands Programs in 2010 (1/18/10)

Top Ten Wetland News Stories of 2009 – Part 11 (1/11/10)

Top Ten Wetland News Stories of 2009 – Part 1 (1/5/10)

Hiding in Plain Sight (12/21/09)

Wetlands and Sea Level Rise—No Decision is a Decision (12/15/09)

Improved Tools for Identifying Boundaries of Wetlands and Streams (12/7/09)

Could Supreme Court Decision Discourage Future Funding for Beach Nourishment? (11/30/09)

The Written Word Can Change the World –Not Always as We Imagine(11/24/09)

Build it and they will come—Rethinking the Role of Urban Wetlands (11/16/09)

Conservation Easements:  Will They Stick? (11/9/09)

Why is Wetland Policy So Challenging: Ask Bailey! (11/2/09)

Government is Listening:  What Will It Hear? (10/26/09)

Clean Water for the Nation? Not Now, Not Nearly (10/19/09)

Trends in Wetlands: Lesson learned from the Politburo (10/13/09)

Michigan Legislators Vote in Support of  State-run Wetland Program (10/5/09)

Why Doesn’t Doing More Help? (9/28/09)

New Wetland Tools on the Web (9/21/09)

Mountains, Mining and the Clean Water Act (9/14/09)

Wetlands and Fire (9/7/09)

The End of an Era: Wetland Mapping Office Closes its Doors (8/31/09)

Paradise Lost (8/25/09)

The Past Re-visited (8/18/09)

Wetlands Restoration Questions?  Ask the Natural Resources Conservation Service! (8/10/09)

Alien Invaders – The Problem Keeps Growing (8/3/09)

Commerce and the Oldest Engineers (7/27/09)

Making Science Understandable (7/21/09)

Ghost Bird:  Is the Ivory Billed Woodpecker Extinct—or Not? (7/13/09)

Drugs in the Environment—They’re Everywhere (7/6/09)

Can Wetlands Save Agriculture? (6/29/09)

Fixing the Clean Water Act (6/22/09)

Hurricane Season Begins:  Moving People out of Harm’s Way (6/15/09)

The Compleat Wetlander:  Watching Wetlands Change (6/9/09)

Lifetime Achievement:  Jon Kusler Honored by the Society of Wetland Scientists (6/1/09)

Climate Change: Americans Less Concerned Now than Nine Years Ago (5/26/09)

Wetland Mapping: An Investment in the Future (5/18/09)

The National Wetlands Awards:  It’s All About People (5/11/09)

American Wetlands Month: The Unauthorized Biography (5/4/09)

What Does the Public Really Think About Wetlands (4/27/09)

“Big Night” Becomes “Big Nights” (4/20/09)

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