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Views from the bog-o-sphereOzzy, Pearl Jam, Voice of the Wetlands Allstars, Swamp Rock bands to Obama: Stay focused on Gulf restoration

By Ben Geman – The Hill’s Energy & Environment Blog – November 19, 2010
Musical acts from the Gulf Coast and around the country are urging President Obama to “do all you can” to ensure recovery from the BP oil spill. Artists such as Ozzy Osborne, Pearl Jam, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Dr. John, Bonnie Raitt and more than 80 other acts penned a letter to Obama that calls for several steps. For instance, they call for steering a large amount of the fines levied against BP toward environmental restoration. “BP’s disaster is only the latest, most visible example of on-going environmental destruction in the Gulf by the oil and gas industry. Louisiana loses a football field worth of wetlands every 45 minutes, and 40 to 60% of that loss is attributed to oil and gas activity, including exploration and dredging pipeline canals. The oil and gas industry must pay its fair share to restore these wetlands, and a large portion of the fines levied against BP should be dedicated to on-going restoration efforts through your Gulf Restoration plan implementation,” the Nov. 18 letter states. For full blog, go to:

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