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View from the blog-o-sphereYes: Ohio farmers’ harvests depend on healthy waters

By Joe Logan – The Blade –Opinion – January 4, 2015
Farmers, more than most other people, are concerned about the quality of our soil and water. We pride ourselves on our stewardship. So it’s a wonder that we didn’t pick up earlier on the downstream effects of some of our practices. Events in Ohio show us that we need to confront them, now and directly. Last August, a half-million people in the Toledo area lost drinking water for several days because toxins created by an excess of phosphorus in Lake Erie made it unsafe to drink. Earlier, Grand Lake St. Marys, Ohio’s largest inland lake, had become unsafe for swimmers because of algae blooms that produced toxins vastly exceeding the United Nations’ safety threshold. Agricultural runoff was a major contributor to the harmful algae in each case, although not the only one. Farmers have to help solve that problem. For full opinion, click here.

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