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View from the blog-o-sphereExploring a missed opportunity: Microclimates

By Frank van Steenbergen and Abraham Mehari Haile – CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems – June 3, 2015
They go largely unobserved and unattended. In view of the climate change that is with us today, this is a huge missed opportunity: microclimates. As long ago as 1949, Wolfe, Wareham and Scofield, in a meticulous description of the microclimate in the small Neotoma valley in Central Ohio, observed there is much attention for predictions and trends of macroclimate, but far less understanding of how this translates in weather at a local level. The same holds true today. Climate science has a large interest in ‘average weather’. For full blog post, click here.

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