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bos2The Road to Empowerment: In the Field with Faith-based Environmentalists

By Michael W. Fincham – Chesapeake Quarterly – October 2016
JODI ROSE FOUND HER CALLING AT A RED LIGHT. She was on the road that morning driving to work, when she decided work wasn’t driving her soul. Her job at the time was running environmental site assessments of inner-city properties in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was managing soil and groundwater remediation projects and handling due-diligence property research, and her clients were usually lawyers and bankers and real estate developers who wanted to buy or flip or develop properties in depressed neighborhoods. Were there any problems with these sites? Were there buried tanks, groundwater contamination, soil contamination, confused title records? Were there any economic liabilities attached to the site, any costs and cleanup problems left over from earlier owners or industries? It was her job to find out. For full story, click here.

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