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bos2After a Flood, How Do Insects and Other Invertebrates Recover?

Entomology Today – March 15, 2018
After a 100-year flood struck south central Oklahoma in 2015, a study of the insects, arthropods, and other invertebrates in the area revealed striking declines of most invertebrates in the local ecosystem, a result that researchers say illustrates the hidden impacts of natural disasters. Researchers at the University of Oklahoma and Cameron University compared the invertebrate community before and after the flood and found a 93 percent decrease in abundance, a 60 percent decrease in species presence, and a 64 percent decrease in biomass among insects and other invertebrates nine months post-flood. They also found the differences between above-ground and below-ground invertebrates to be largely erased. Only those creatures well-adapted to recolonizing a disturbed environment were quick to return. Read full story here.

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