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bos2The White House is Working to Undermine the Endangered Species Act—Here’s How

By Amanda D. Rodewald – The H ill – August 20, 2018
If you quickly scan the dozens of articles reviewing the best summer vacation spots in the U.S., you will find lists of beautiful and wild places — from hiking with bears, wolves, and bison in Yellowstone, floating or flyfishing scenic rivers, or walking along beach dunes. Yet, while the eyes of the vacationing American seem focused on natural scenes, they often overlook the tightly woven fabric of environmental laws and regulations that ensure the protection of those remarkable places. The latest environmental safeguard under assault is the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which is arguably one of the most important pieces of U.S. legislation related to conservation. A staggering 36 distinct proposals to change ESA, of which nearly one-third are expected to have at least partially negative impacts on conservation, are included in the rulemaking package proposed by the Trump administration. Read full story here.

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