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bos2EPA Expands Clean Air Act Loopholes for Coal Plants

By Jack Lienke and Richard L. Revesz – The Hill – September 5, 2018
Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a proposal to replace the Obama administration’s signature climate initiative, the Clean Power Plan, which aimed to cut planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s power sector. EPA calls its “Affordable Clean Energy” proposal — ACE, for short — “a new rule to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” from coal-fired power plants. There are just two problems with that characterization: First, ACE won’t do much of anything to reduce coal plants’ CO2 emissions — in fact, it might increase them. And second, the rule isn’t really new at all — at least, there’s nothing fresh about its most notable component. Instead, it’s a warmed-over policy from the George W. Bush years, served by one of the same attorneys, Bill Wehrum, who cooked it up the first time around. Read full opinion here.

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