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bos2The wonder of water

By Laura Paskus – NM Political Report – February 14, 2019 – Video
“How’s your day today?” the grocery store cashier asks. “Oh my God,” I can’t stop myself. Even though I know the checker wasn’t expecting anything more than the requisite, “Fine and you?” response. I launch into a hand-waving homage to the day: I just got back from the Sandias, where there’s this little spring, and I learned the coolest thing. Scientists can tell if springs, like that come out of the mountain…they can figure out if that groundwater came from summer monsoons, or from winter snowmelt. Because get this: They study the water’s isotopes. Then, because our winter storms and our summer storms come from different places in the ocean, you can tell where the water originated and what season the water fell, as snow or summer rain, before it became groundwater! Read full story and view video here.

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