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bos2How Can We All Help Conserve Nature?

By Marcia C. Muñoz, Mireia Valle, Rachel L. White and Rodolfo Jaffé – Frontiers for Young Minds – June 21, 2019
We often forget how much humans depend on nature. The term that encompasses living organisms and the forces responsible for the physical world, such as the weather, mountains, oceans, and landscapes. Even city-dwellers living in modern skyscrapers need air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat, all of which are provided by nature. True, you can buy bottled water and ready-to-eat meals in supermarkets, but they were not produced there. Some fruits and vegetables, for example, only grow in tropical countries and cross the globe in refrigerated ship containers, to arrive just ripe to your local supermarket. All drinking water ultimately comes from a natural source, since we still do not have the technology to manufacture large amounts of water in the laboratory [1]. The same applies to the air we breathe, which is purified and oxygenated by plants. So, when we speak about preserving nature, we are really also talking about preserving ourselves. Read full article here.

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