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bos2Healthy lands means healthy water

By Rachel Felver – Chesapeake Bay Program – September 19, 2019
Protecting our lands is critical to keeping our waters clean and healthy. Actions taken on land, for instance, paving a parking lot, spraying pesticides on crops or cutting down trees, impacts our water quality. This happens because no matter where we reside, everyone lives in a  watershed—an area of land that drains into a particular body of water. The Chesapeake Bay watershed spans over 64,000 square miles from New York down to Virginia and has one of the largest land-to-water ratios in the world at 14:1. This means that there is 14 times the amount of land than there is water. That’s a pretty big area to have impact the Chesapeake Bay, so it’s important that Chesapeake Bay Program partners continue to take steps to help conserve lands throughout our watershed. Read full blog post here.

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