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What Do I Do With This Sludge? A Wetland Restoration Report and Plea for Advice.

By Chris Helzer – The Prairie Ecologist – November 21, 2011
This fall, we completed (mostly) a wetland restoration project I’ve been trying to finish for more than a decade.  A beautiful clearwater meandering stream runs through our Platte River Prairies south of Wood River, Nebraska.  At one point, however, the stream enters the remnants of a sand and gravel mining operation from early last century.  What was left after the gravel extraction was a long lake with big piles of spoil sand all around it.  Before our restoration project began, the stream dumped into one end of the lake and flowed out the other.  While the lake had good fishing in it, it didn’t meet some of our real objectives for the site, including shallow wetland plant communities, and habitat for migratory birds, freshwater mussels, and other wetland animals.

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