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Rapanos, Guidelines and Deference: Wetlands Beware

By Charles Becker – American College of Environmental Lawyers blog – December 6, 2011
The Supreme Court’s last determination of what wetlands are subject to the Clean Water Act and hence may not be filled without a permit left behind a matted mess. In Rapanos v. United States, the 4-1-4 opinion, articulated two tests for when a wetland constitutes a water of the United States.  In the plurality opinion, wetlands must have “a continuous surface connection to bodies that are waters of the United States.”  Justice Kennedy’s swing vote decision for the plurality’s remand, stated that, while there needed to be a connection, it would be sufficient if there was a “significant nexus” with the waters of the U.S.; that is, it would be sufficient if the wetlands, alone or in combination with other lands in the region, would significantly affect the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the U.S. waters. So which test should be applied?

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