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Scientists doubt fix to wetlands damaged by oil sands

by Andrew Nikiforuk – Energy Bulletin (Post-Carbon Institute) – March 22, 2012
Contrary to industry and government views, the oil sands industry won’t be able to restore valuable wetlands or replace their multi-billion dollar biological services, according to a new study by some of Canada’s foremost scientists. Drawing from environmental reports filed by 10 oil sands mining companies, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study found that 64 per cent of the mineable landscape, an area the size of Rhode Island, currently supports peatlands.

A Photographic Call to Action

by Rachel Nuwer – New York Times Green Blog – October 25, 2011
When Clyde Butcher first began exploring the Everglades in 1984, “there was virtually nothing to photograph — it was one big ditch,” he says. A century of destructive intrusions like artificial canals, levees, pumps and spillways had left the swamps in a fragile and broken state.

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