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Behold The Slingshot Drone

By Neal Ungerleider – Fast Company – April 13, 2012
Scientists in Utah have found a novel way to map wetlands: Launching UAVs into the air with a giant slingshot. Researchers at Utah State University are launching slingshot-like UAVs into the air… for the sake of science. The recently launched AggieAir Flying Circus is a full-service aerial photography lab that uses unmanned drone aircraft, launched via bungee, to map the environment.

Wetlands: Rainforests of the North

By Joel Boyce –Care2 – April 17, 2012
What Are Wetlands? If you break it down — wet-land — it might be obvious that we’re talking about a class of ecosystem that combines the properties of the terrestrial and the aquatic. Wetlands constitute land area which is either permanently or seasonally submerged with water. Wetlands typically have trees and other large land plants (adapted for dealing with submersion either continuously or at intervals) along with true aquatic plants.

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