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Recent Blogs on Clean Water Restoration Act

Energy/Enviro Experts – should Congress Wade in?
By Margaret Kriz Hobson – National Journal Expert Blogs – July 27, 2009
Is legislation needed to protect wetlands and solidify the government’s authority under the Clean Water Act? The White House and Democratic leaders are proposing legislation that would replace the term “navigable waters” with “waters of the United States,” a move that they say is needed to restore the law’s original intent of protecting wetlands, streams and other waterways. Proponents argue that a 2006 Supreme Court …for full blog entry, go to: (And be sure to check out the 6 comments from industry professionals on that post.)

Clean Water Restoration Act Threatens Farmers–reply from Roger Singer, Sierra Club
By Roger Singer – Sierra Club – Bluedaze: Drilling Reform for Texas – July 24, 2009
I concur that S. 787, the Clean Water Restoration Act, is a good thing — meant to get us back to pre-2001 conditions for Clean Water Act protections and those murky Supreme Court decisions that the Bush administration’s version of EPA used to misinterpret and avoid responsibility for clean water protections. First and most important, most ag/ranching activities have a statutory
exemption from the Clean Water Act. For full blog, go to: 

Clean Water Restoration Act Being Marked Up Today
From Jan Goldman-Carter – Fly Rod Reel – June 18, 2009

Clean Water Restoration Act Gains Detractors
Environmental Leader – June 18, 2009

National Farmers Union Board Expresses Support for Baucus Clean Water Amendment
June 17, 2009

Environment Grps Praise Senate Panel For New Clean Water Bill
Wall Street Journal – June 18, 2009

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