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Wetlander's Pick of the PostsLocal Initiatives May be the Key to Our Future

By Bob Marshall – Field & Stream – November 21, 2014
The mid-term elections may well have served as a primer on how America’s sportsmen can best preserve protections for public lands and waters—the engines that have long enabled us to have the best and most accessible outdoors sports in the western world. If you only read the political analysis of those election results, there seems plenty of reason to be afraid. Some of the loudest voices now in control of Congress have opposed many of the national programs that sportsmen’s conservation groups support. This includes reestablishing wetlands protections stripped from the Clean Water Act; the Roadless Rule and wilderness designations; energy development policies that give fish, wildlife, and outdoors sports equal footing with oil and gas company profits; Clean Air regulations to reduce carbon pollution; reform of mining regulations that allow bad ideas like mountain top removal in the Appalachians and the Pebble Mine in Alaska; and the sale of public lands to states and/or private companies—a move that could wipe out public-land hunting and fishing as we’ve known it for a century. And that’s just a partial list. For full blog post, click here.

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