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Wetlander’s Pick of the Posts

Wetlander's Pick of the PostsUpdate on Adaptation Design Work

Director’s Blog – Wetlands Watch – November 17, 2014
Lots of talk about adapting to sea level rise. Toolkits, webinars, academic papers. Where is the real work taking place, on the ground, in a shoreline community, before Katrina or Sandy hits? It’s taking place here, in Hampton Roads, Virginia….in Chesterfield Heights. Wetlands Watch received a Virginia Sea Grant award to see if we could make adaptation real in a Virginia shoreline community. With the help of a core design group, we picked Chesterfield Heights in Norfolk, an historic district along the Elizabeth River’s eastern branch, with homes dating to 1895. Like many shoreline urban neighborhoods, it was built out over time and on top of filled-in wetlands and creeks, complicating the flooding picture. So how do you adapt this community of 350 homes to sea level rise, putting ecosystem values first, consulting with residents on community values, fitting solutions onto the landscape, parcel by parcel? For full blog post, click here.


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