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wppAn ‘impossible’ stream to restore 

By Taylor Stark – Chesapeake Bay Program – November 20, 2017
A small, serene stream is tucked into the woods between two bustling shopping centers and a busy highway in Annapolis, Maryland. Although hidden, the declining health of this stream had raised concern for several years, causing many to doubt its ability to flourish again. Meet the “impossible stream,” located near the Annapolis Harbour shopping center and one of four waterways that drains into Church Creek, the most impaired tributary of the South River. The creek faces many challenges in addition to the degrading quality of upstream waterways. Along its path, Church Creek encounters an abundance of developed land, including, more than 70 percent impervious surface. This means that stormwater draining into Church Creek, then the South River and eventually the Chesapeake Bay, is filled with sediment and other pollutants. In order to save Church Creek, the Annapolis Harbour Center stream had to be restored. For full blog post, click here.



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