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wppMaking the Most of the Watershed Approach

By James M. McElfish, Jr. – Vibrant Environment
– Environmental Law Institute – May 30, 2018
The Oil Pollution Act and CERCLA allow for the recovery of more than just cleanup costs following an oil spill or the release of hazardous substances. These laws also provide for the recovery of damages to restore or replace natural resources to the conditions that would have existed prior to the spill or release, as well as to compensate for interim losses of ecological services. Natural resource trustees—states and tribes acting on behalf of the public—are tasked (along with federal trustees) with planning and implementing the restoration of these lost natural resources and services. In Natural Resource Damages, Mitigation Banking, and the Watershed Approach, the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) explains how natural resource trustees can integrate natural resource damage (NRD) restoration with the Clean Water Act (CWA) §404 compensatory mitigation program. Read full blog post here.

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