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Cutting the Salt in Winter Road Maintenance

By Jeremy Hinsdale – State of the Planet – December 13, 2018
Entire floors of the Port Authority bus terminal on lock down for crowd control. Kids with special needs trapped on school buses for up to ten hours. Stranded motorists abandoning their cars and setting out on foot across the George Washington Bridge in a driving snow. New Yorkers are no strangers to transit nightmares, but the city’s lukewarm response to last month’s pre-winter storm may go down as one its most epic winter fails. Severe weather can be a trial by fire for politicians, and no city official wants to be in the firing line after a mass transit mutiny. Despite the city’s failure to anticipate last month’s storm, when forecasts rapidly escalated from an inch or so of wintry mix to six inches of snow, the city’s response to winter weather has remained aggressive since Bloomberg’s time in office. This is especially true when it comes to the use of road salt, today’s weapon of choice in the battle with Old Man Winter. Read full blog post here.

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