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For a Climate Reporter, a Dreaded Question: ‘Then Why Is It So Cold?’

By Kendra Pierre-Louis – The New York Times – February 8, 2019
What were the temperatures where you live yesterday? What about last week? A month ago? What were the daytime highs and lows two years ago last Tuesday? If I’ve stumped you, that’s the point. Most of us might be able to recall, more or less, what our local temperatures were through the previous week; further back than that, we need to start pulling up temperature records. And even if you could remember, that would only reveal the temperatures where you were. It wouldn’t tell you what temperatures were halfway around the globe, across the country or, unless you’re a merperson, in the ocean. But whenever temperatures dip, as they did last week across much of the United States during the polar vortex, some people — including the president — ask, “If the planet is warming, why is it still cold?” Read full story here.

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