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From archives: Delta Wetlands

By Alex Breitler – Environment Blog – October 31, 2011
Delta Wetlands, the plan to flood two islands and convert two more into habitat, has an interesting history which I didn’t have room for in last week’s story. We’ve written barely a word about the project in more than six years.  But apparently it was a major campaign issue in 2004, when then-Stockton Mayor Gary Podesto challenged state Sen. Michael Machado, D-Linden, for his seat.  The Record reported in 2004 that Stockton spent $25,000 on a consultant to study whether the city should get involved in Delta Wetlands. Machado then accused Podesto of at least supporting a for-profit water venture that could result in Delta flows heading toward Southern California, according to the story. For full blog post, go to:

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