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New EPA regulations could allow for more polluted waters, and tribes and state officials are worried

By Hannah Weinberger – Crosscut – October 7, 2019
Lydia Sigo, a geoduck diver and Suquamish Museum historian, has harvested seafood from central Puget Sound with her family since her youth on the Suquamish reservation ⁠— for business, sustenance and religion. As a Suquamish tribal member with Duwamish heritage, it’s her treaty right to catch and co-manage fish and shellfish in these waters with state and federal authorities. These days, she thinks those treaty rights ⁠aren’t being fully respected. The Suquamish depend on some waterways often exposed to pollutants, which means the afflicted seafood they rely on to survive has the potential to be vehicles for toxic chemicals. Read full story here.

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